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SLO County Public Libraries will update the catalog operating system

Author: Erica Thatcher

Date: 05/04/2022 13:51:15

SLO County Public Libraries to Update Catalog OS All Black Gold Libraries to Close April 22-23

All libraries in the Black Gold Cooperative Library System, including San Luis Obispo County Public Libraries, will be closed Friday, April 22 and Saturday, April 23 for a catalog operating system update.

Online browsing, accounts, and reservations will be unavailable from Thursday, April 21 through Monday, April 25. All Black Gold libraries will be offline during this time.

eBooks, audiobooks, and other downloadable items will still be available.

Although the update does not change the general appearance of the catalog, it will affect readers’ library account passwords. Patrons can reset their password when they log in online or ask library staff for help.

As previously announced, SLO County Public Libraries will be leaving the Black Gold Cooperative on July 1. Patrons who have a library card beginning with 22063 will not need a new card to use SLO County Public Libraries. Users whose cards begin with a different prefix are encouraged to register at any time for an SLO Libraries card.

Visit for more information on library cards, services, and upcoming closure.