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Syniti announces new data quality and catalog features to help deliver clean and actionable data

Syniti Knowledge Platform includes critical data management components needed to help manage the business value of data

BOSTON, September 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Syniti, a global leader in enterprise data management, today announced new data quality and catalog capabilities available in its industry-leading Syniti knowledge platform, building on enhancements to data migration and matching earlier this year. The Syniti Knowledge Platform now includes data quality, catalog, mapping, replication, migration and governance, all available under a single connection, in a single cloud solution. This provides users with a complete and unified data management platform allowing them to deliver faster and better business results with data they can trust.

Reliable data is essential for the decisions businesses must make to reduce risk, generate competitive advantage and drive bottom line growth. According to Gartner® research, “significant data quality issues remain a major barrier to organizations’ digital initiatives. Failure to address data quality issues for critical use cases puts organizations at a business value disadvantage and has serious consequences.”1

Historically, to get better data, companies had to purchase several point solutions such as heavy data catalog tools that require massive teams to create and maintain or data quality solutions that only identify problems, rather than help solve problems. This approach is expensive, unnecessarily complex, and doesn’t meet the data needs of today’s businesses. With Syniti’s Knowledge Platform, customers now have a unified solution to process the data needed to meet current and future critical business objectives. The same Gartner study indicates that “from an end-user perspective, organizations are attracted to [unified data management platforms] this option as well, anticipating improved total cost of ownership due to less integration and maintenance between data quality solutions and adjacent applications.”1 Gartner, The State of Data Quality Solutions: Augment, Automate and Simplify , Melody Dog, Ankush Jain, March 15, 2022

Each enhanced component of the Syniti Knowledge Platform includes significant new features, updates and enhancements, all of which are amplified by their integration.

With these new combined capabilities, organizations will benefit from:

  • More efficient data management: From identifying data to resolving it, stakeholders can collaborate on a single platform. With a single catalog that underpins all data management activities, data activities can be reused across multiple projects, enabling faster and cheaper data management initiatives.
  • Better resources and improved business processes: Linking data management and quality to business results improves processes and decision-making while helping to ensure better value for money in the allocation of time and resources. Data quality issues with the greatest impact are automatically detected and KPI improvements are tracked over time through intelligent remediation pipelines.
  • Faster return on investment and savings potential: The Syniti knowledge platform offers hundreds of proven, ready-to-use data quality rules and reports, as well as dashboards linked to business results, which can help users discover millions of dollars in savings. Rules created in data migrations can be used to ensure ongoing data quality, save time, and enforce compliance. Knowledge reuse can help reduce future data projects by 50%.

More information about the new improvements can be found here.

Jon GreenVice President, Product Management, Syniti said: “Data quality is not a one-time event. Organizations need a unified approach that allows them to not only find bad data quickly, but also fix it efficiently and maintain that high quality to drive value. Syniti’s new knowledge platform enables our users to leverage a more efficient, interconnected, and user-friendly platform in a way that directly relates to business outcomes and goals.”

Kevin CampbellCEO, Syniti, said: “Poor data pollutes the entire organization, negatively impacts business operations, and wastes time, money, and resources. We’ve purpose-built a data platform to generate business value, as opposed to many siled solutions that treat data quality as a purely technical exercise.We want our customers to spend more time learning from reliable data rather than finding and resolving data issues. “

Allan CouterGlobal Chief Technology Officer for SAP Services, IBM said: “The strategic importance of clean, high-quality data cannot be overstated – it is critical to any enterprise modernization effort and to unlocking the potential for future analytics and insights. It is exciting to see the new capabilities that Syniti is adding to its Syniti Knowledge Platform to help customers succeed in their transformation journeys.”

To learn more about how to find, fix, and keep your data clean, please attend our Bad data is costing you millions webinar on October 5, 2022.

1Gartner, The State of Data Quality Solutions: Augment, Automate and Simplify , Melody Dog, Ankush Jain, March 15, 2022

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