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Terra Nova Nurseries Releases New Product Catalog for 2022-2023

Terra Nova Nurseries has released the 2022-2023 edition of its Plant Catalog, celebrating three decades of breeding innovations, creative solutions, and groundbreaking research and discovery for global horticulture. The new catalog is now online on Terra Nova website.

The pages inside the lookbook-style catalog include organized information sections with colorful images and helpful stories for professional finishing growers looking for the best strains. The catalog was conceptualized and created to serve as an easy-to-use product selection guide.

New to this edition of the catalog is a display page showing photos of landscaping projects and events that Terra Nova has consulted for in China. These include the Moasiculture projects in Beijing, which were designed by Terra Nova and its licensee Beijing Florascape; and the 2021 Damu Garden Festival, which was planned with Terra Nova China representative Kevin Chen and hosted by Chongqing licensee Tianmu Agriculture.

The new catalog includes 19 sections of other newsworthy news and information from Terra Nova Nurseries, including but not limited to: new introductions for 2022-2023; the Terra Nova Advance Order Discount Program; the company’s show garden; Nova de Terra’s partnership with ThinkPlants; displays of hanging baskets and mixed containers; Terra Nova’s efforts to reduce waste and plastic consumption for a healthier planet; prices and order details; best-selling plants; and additional resource information.

The digital version of the 2022-2023 catalog is accessible and downloadable free of charge on the Terra Nova Pepinieres website.