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The Avicii family sells 75% of Tim’s catalog to Pophouse Entertainment

The Avicii family sells 75% of Tim’s catalog to Pophouse Entertainment

The family of Avicii announced to have sold 75% from the recording and publishing catalog of Swedish DJs to Stockholm-based entertainment company Pophouse. “We invest in [Avicii’s] catalog and we don’t just put it on the shelf,” said CEO of Pophouse, Per Sundin.

With news breaking early yesterday, the move is intended “to safeguard the indelible legacy of Avicii through future global efforts,” according to Family and Pophouse. Although the exact monetary value of the deal for the Avicii catalog is unconfirmed, it is reported that the joint venture is over $100 million.

“Pophouse presented a concrete concept and proposal for the long-term care and development of Tim’s musical heritage. Thanks to this agreement, we also secure the Tim Bergling Foundation long-term finances, creating the opportunity to act decisively on the Foundation’s commitments to support issues as important as the mental health and well-being of young people. Working with the Tim Bergling Foundation is a full-time commitment for us. The foundation has only existed for a few years and there is still a long way to go. – Klas Bergling, Avicii’s father

The deceased electronic icon’s family will retain ownership of the other 25% of the catalog and continue to work together on creating experiences to honor Avicii, such as the “Avicii Experience” museum in February.

“Tim was not only one of the best DJs in the world, he was an extremely productive genius who always went his own way, mixing genres, challenging convention and creating music history. followed his entire journey, and it is with honor and pride that I and the entire Pophouse company, together with the Bergling family, will nurture and present his music to new generations of listeners in all parts of the world. Per Sundin, CEO of Pophouse

This purchase is not the first major catalog acquisition for Pophouse. Earlier this year, the band bought the recording and publishing rights to Swedish house mafia.

Pophouse Entertainment was created by ABBA member Bjorn Ulvaeus in 2014. They are behind some of the most innovative musical experiments of recent years, such as the infamous ABBA ‘Travel’ show in London.

Image credit: Ushuaïa Ibiza