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The Ikea baby name ‘catalogue’ has over 800 listings

The Ikea logo is displayed at the main store in Oslo, Norway, Thursday, July 9, 2009. (Photo by Heidi Wideroe/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Have you considered Malm, Kivik or Trotten?

Swedish retailer Ikea is known for the distinctive names of its home kit products. The company’s Norwegian branch wants to use the brand’s experience to help parents navigate the baby name department.

Ikea Norway has built a “name bank” with over 800 listings available on its website. The names are taken from those Ikea has given to its furniture instead of product numbers since 1948.

“After all these years, (Ikea) has built up a large ‘catalogue’ to choose from,” Ikea Norway said in a statement.

Ikea names its products after Swedish towns, lakes and other geographical features, but also uses names that are traditionally given to people.

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The branch noted that while retailers have seen “both a shortage of raw materials and issues with delivery times” during the COVID-19 pandemic, “at least there is no shortage of children.” in Norway.

The Scandinavian country recorded the births of 56,060 babies last year, 3,081 more than in 2020.

The increase creates “a challenge to come up with unique names,” Ikea Norway said.

In April, Ikea perpetuates its buyback program for customers to return lightly used furniture. The company has an online form you can fill out to get a quote showing the buyout value of the IKEA piece of furniture. You will need to take the form to one of the stores listed on their website.