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Traverse Bay Farms Releases Full Product Catalog for Spring 2022

Traverse Bay Farms offers cherry juice concentrate, tart cherry capsules and a wide range of nationally award-winning gourmet food products.

Traverse Bay Farms, winner of more than 35 national food awards at America’s largest and most competitive food contests, offers cherry juice concentrate, Dried cherries, tart cherry capsules and a large collection of nationally award-winning gourmet food products. In addition to all of their all-natural products available on the company’s website, customers now have a full-color catalog to view and order products from.

The catalog makes it simple and easy to view and order dried cherries, cherry juice concentrate, gourmet salsa, and even Michigan maple syrup in their car or while relaxing in the backyard.

According to Andy LaPointe, Director of Marketing, “Over the past few years we have had a number of customers and potential customers request a catalog from us. We have several individual product flyers that we send on request. It makes sense to have all of our products from one source. The Spring 2022 Full Color Catalog is a great resource to learn more about all of our products, including Cherry Juice Concentrate, Cherry Capsules, Dried Cherries, Fruit Salsa and more. “

Traverse Bay Farms is quickly becoming the top choice for those looking to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Here is a brief list of products included in Spring Traverse Bay Farms 2022.

Fruit juice concentrates:

  • cherry juice
  • Wild Blueberry Juice Concentrate*
  • Pomegranate Juice Concentrate *

Fruit capsules:

  • Tart Cherry Capsules
  • Wild blueberry capsules
  • pomegranate capsules
  • Red Raspberry Capsules
  • Cherry Prime – A patented formula combining tart cherries, glucosamine and chondroitin.

Gourmet Salsa:

  • cherry salad
  • Red raspberry salsa
  • Peach Salsa

And more…

“We offer a full line of all-natural products, cherry capsules and cherry juice concentrate for every meal of the day. People can order over the phone, on our website and more with our 2022 full color product catalog. Better yet, people can call Traverse Bay Farms on our toll free number 1-877-746-7477 or send us a message of website and request a free copy of our catalog. said LaPointe.

About Traverse Bay Farms / Fruit Advantage

Winner of over 35 national food awards at America’s largest and most competitive food competitions. Traverse Bay Farms is America’s first award-winning super fruit company.

Offering an all-natural line of fruit salsa, fruit barbecue, dried fruit including dried cherries, dried blueberries and more. Additionally, Traverse Bay Farms offers cherry juice concentrate and teaches the health benefits of cherry juice.

Fruit Advantage is the sister brand and offers a full range of fruit supplements suitable for certain conditions, including tart cherry capsules, blueberry capsules and pomegranate capsules. Plus, Fruit Advantage offers a patented formula that combines tart cherries with glucosamine and chondriotin. This one-of-a-kind supplement is called Cherry Prime – Complete Muscle and Joint Complex.