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US Mint updates online catalog for 2022 product line

The United States Mint has published release dates for several other numismatic products on its website, including the limited edition $25 American Eagle Reverse Proof 2022-W palladium coin.

The release dates and the respective products offered are:
➤ September 8: $25 American Eagle 2022-W Reverse Proof Palladium Coin. Prizes and draw limits are yet to be announced. Images of the coin are not yet available, but the designs will be the same as for previous dates in the series. The mandated design for the obverse of the American Eagle palladium series is sculptor Adolph A. Weinman’s obverse design of the Winged Liberty Head dime, issued from 1916 to 1945. The mandated reverse uses Weinman’s eagle reverse of 1906 of the American Institute of Architects Gold Medal, first presented in 1907. The finish of a Reverse Proof piece has specific raised elements of the design polished to resemble a mirror, against frosted fields by laser. (A standard Proof finish features frosted design elements against polished fields.)
➤ September 26: US Coast Guard 1 Ounce .999 Fine Silver Medal, $65, enrollment option available now, no order restrictions. The 1 ounce version bears the same designs as the limited edition 2.5 ounce version. The 1 ounce version is minted at the Philadelphia Mint with a matte finish.
➤ Oct. 3: Franklin Pierce Presidential Silver Medal, $65, unlimited draw. It has the same weight, diameter and matte finish as the Coast Guard Medal.
➤ Oct. 21: Mighty Minters and US Mint 2022 ornaments.
➤ Oct. 25: Bags of 100 coins and rolls of 40 coins of US Quarter Dollars for Anna May Wong, from the circulation quality production of the Philadelphia and Denver Mints, and rolls of 40 circulation quality coins from the San Francisco Mint. Also available will be bags of 100 Denver and Philadelphia Mint coins, priced at $40 per bag. Two-roll sets of Denver and Philadelphia Mint coins are priced at $36 per set, and three-roll sets featuring San Francisco Mint strikes are $54. The product is not yet available for registration and is the final version of the 2022 US five quarter dollars for women.
➤ Oct. 26: 2022-S Limited Edition Silver Proof Set.

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