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ViX, the new platform from Televisa and Univision, catalog and premieres

This Wednesday morning, Grupo Televisa and Univision announced ViXthe new platform product of the merger between Televisa and Univisionwhich promises to become the service of diffusion with the largest Spanish language content in the world.

What is ViX and when is it coming to Mexico?

The Televisa and Univision platform will offer two experiences in the same application: a free one with advertising (AVOD) called ViX and a PREMIUM option with subscription (SVOD) called ViX+.

ViX in its free version will be available on March 31, 2022 in Mexico, the United States and 19 Latin American countries. The platform will have more than 100 channels and 40,000 hours of content including soap operas, movies and exclusive channels from artists such as Eugenio Derbez, who presents The Derbez chain.

ViX Catalog and Content

ViX will integrate Televisa’s catalog of telenovelas with great classics such as Marimar, Rebel, Therese Yes true loves, among many others. Although they can also enjoy novels from other countries like Colombia and Turkey. They will also have access to the famous Las Estrellas programs such as the rose of guadeloupe, Neighbors Yes The P. Luche familyincluded in Eugenio Derbez’s exclusive channel.

For children, the channel was created Moonbug Kids, but there will be fun for the whole family. TelevisaUnivision will integrate into its platform a news center composed of Televisa newsletters Yes Univision News 24/7. It also highlights the TUDN zone with exclusive programs and interviews on the sports world and a wide variety of news and sports produced by Vix completely free.

Journalist Jorge Ramos will have an exclusive program where he will interview important entertainment personalities and subscribers will have access to films under the seal of Lionsgate, MGM and Disney.

What is ViX+ (PREMIUM) and when will it come to Mexico?

ViX+ is the platform’s premium offer and will debut this year, so there are no established subscription prices yet. This modality will offer more than 10,000 hours of international content and more than 50 original productions in the first year.

ViX+ Catalog and Content


  • My neighbor, the Cartel: produced by Selena Gomez, My neighbor, the cartel tells the story of Cold Blooded Murder of Juan Guerrero Pina former Gulf Cartel lawyer who collaborated at a high level with the United States government, the investigation and the subsequent trial.
  • Nautilus: written by Clayton Trussell (narcissus) and directed by Ariel Vromen (ice man), this production based on true events tells the story of a policewoman whose impossible mission will be to investigate a group of criminals during a four-week trip aboard a submarine through the Atlantic.
  • the marked time: the famous horror anthology series of the 80s that gave birth to important film personalities such as William of the Bull, Alphonse Cuaron Yes Emmanuel Lubezki will have a to restart. On this occasion the the comeback will, once again, be the breeding ground for a new wave of Latin American writers and directors of the genre.
  • balls: is a drama created by Marc Cistaré (Vis à vis) is set in 1930s Spain and Mexico, in which three female racket players navigate a male-dominated world of rivalry and corruption.
  • High tide: is a mystery series filmed in Tijuana and Ensenada and written by Antón Goenechea (Lost) and directed by Roger Gual (yarn girls).
  • antics of the bad girl: an adaptation of the novel written by Nobel laureate Mario Vargas Llosa. An epic love story that begins in the 1960s and takes place in Lima, Paris, Madrid, Tokyo, London and other incredible destinations.
  • fucking mummies: is an adult series that mixes action, horror and comedy. It is written and directed by Santiago Limón and produced by Emmy and Golden Globe winner Ben Silverman (Office; Joan the Virgin).
  • Bioseries on the two great icons of the golden age of Mexican cinema: María Félix and Pedro Infante.
the comeback from the marked time and bioseries on María Félix and Pedro Infante

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  • forbidden path: This new version of the first Televisa novel will be written by Giselle González (cradle of wolves; fall into temptation; empire of lies). The story follows Nora, who destroys a happy family to achieve the life of style and luxury she has always dreamed of.
  • The Devil’s WifeWhere: This novel stars Carolina Miranda and José Ron and is written by Leonardo Padrón (If they let us; Ruby; love to death). The melodrama tells an unconventional love story of obsession and revenge.
  • beyond you: Producer Rosy Ocampo will design this story supernatural which introduces us to a woman who discovers that she can communicate with the dead, which will have unknown consequences for the living.

original movies

  • i want your life: The Oscar nominee Salma Hayek has signed an exclusive agreement between the platform TelevisaUnivision and its production company Ventanarosa Productions to tell a romantic fantasy set in the world of football. The story follows a super sports fan who wakes up one morning in the body of a famous soccer superstar and learns that her favorite sport isn’t all fun and games.
  • Jenny: a film based on the life of the late Mexican-American idol Jenni Rivera.

Original film VIDEOCINEMA

  • attendance: the movie is directed by louis mandoki (innocent voices) and starring the Oscar nominee Yalitza Apparicio Yes Albert Amman. This story of suspense and terror introduces us to a man who decides to investigate what really happened around the murder of his wife in a mysterious forest.
  • sick love: The film which explores different perspectives on love has a multi-star cast that includes Camila Sodi, Eréndira Ibarra and Juan Pablo Medina.
  • Legends: the origin: Ánima Estudios returns with the sixth installment of one of the largest and most relevant animation franchises in the Spanish-speaking world.
  • Mirreyes vs. Godínez 2: The Retreat
  • What a father!
  • unhappy forever
  • MexZombies

Sports on Vix+

ViX+ will have over 3,000 live matches per year, which translates to 6,000 hours of football. Subscribers and fans will be able to enjoy the matches of the most important leagues such as the CONMEBOL Libertadores Cup, MX Leaguethe Champions League and the FIFA World Cup 2022 from Qatar.

Original sports content includes documentary series such as:

  • blood and glory: A docuseries on real cases of criminal sport.
  • Brazil 2002: the real story: a docuseries made to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Brazil’s victory in the World Cup. There will be exclusive interviews with Ronaldo and Roberto Carlos.
  • to the cry of war: a documentary series with Oswaldo Sanchez and Enrique “El perro” Bermúdez, who offer us a journey through the victories and defeats of the Mexican national team and this curse of the fifth game.

What will happen to @Vix, Blim and Prende TV?

platforms diffusion Blim, Prende TV and @Vix will disappear to join Televisa and Univision’s ViX into one.

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