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What’s new for Volume 6 of the Scott Standard Catalog 2022?

From Scott’s Writing by Jay Bigalke

Another catalog season is upon us as we continue the journey of the 153-year history of Scott Catalogs. The 2022 volumes are the 178th edition of the Scott Catalog of standard postage stamps. Volume 6A includes lists for the countries of the world from San (San Marino) to Tete. Lists of Thai (Thailand) to Z countries of the world can be found in Volume 6B.

This year’s covers feature Spain’s 1930 Fantasy of Flight airmail stamp (Scott C25) from Goya’s 14-stamp issue on the flight. Catalog 6A and 25 centesimo Vatican City Statue of St. Peter stamp of 1938 (C1) from a set of eight stamps on vol. 6B.

Because Vol. 6B is a sequel to the first part of Vol. 6 catalogue, the introductory pages are not repeated in each volume this year.

Much of this year’s catalog overhaul took place throughout 2020 and into 2021. The world has been interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the effects of it have hit the world of stamp in multiple ways. Some collectors have returned to collecting, auction houses have seen their achievements increase, traditional in-person stamp shows have taken a break, and collectors have turned to buying online.

Some of these situations have impacted grading decisions this year and may lead to further changes as we continue our reviews for the next catalog season.

In Vol. On the 6th, important additions were made to the Sharjah stamp lists. Also, South Kasai and Viet Cong stamps are listed for the first time.

For the Trucial State of Sharjah, new images and listings have been added for hundreds of stamps. The new numbers cover Scott 97-434 in the regular postage section, C34-C108 for airmail stamps and J1-J4 for postage stamps. This continues a large, multi-year project to add stamps and values ​​for these areas.

The Kasai region seceded from the Republic of the Congo on August 9, 1960, but established nations did not recognize it as an independent state. South Kasai returned to the Republic of the Congo in October 1962. During the secession, South Kasai stamps were tolerated in international mail, but the government authorizing them did not receive diplomatic recognition. There are 29 new major listings now provided for South Kasai stamps.

The Viet Cong stamp issues of the National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam (NLF) and the Provisional Revolutionary Government (PRG) are also listed for the first time. A total of 70 major Scott catalog numbers have been assigned to these stamp issues.

The stamps of North Vietnam and the Democratic Republic of Vietnam were closely examined for this catalog, and nearly 1,000 value changes were made. Many of the changes were slight increases, but some items went down. A notable item was a 1989 80 dong Turtles souvenir sheet (Scott 1971) which went in value from $6 to $15 in unused condition. The same souvenir sheet, but unperforated, went from $17 to $25 unused. Many new unpunched item lists have been added in Vietnam.

Nearly 500 value changes were made to Turks and Caicos stamps after line-by-line review. A mixture of increases and decreases was noted. Some of the increases made reflect the current strength of the pound.

Vanuatu stamps have been examined with approximately 400 value changes made. A number of early stamp issues declined slightly, while a few modern items saw an increase. 2006 World Wildlife Fund (WWF) souvenir sheet of eight with four designs (Scott 908) reduced from $13.50 in unused and used condition to $15 each way.

Uganda stamps have been examined with just over 400 value changes made. Colorful set of 12 Uganda Independent State stamps 1962 (Scott 83-94) increased in value from $18.55 to $20 in unused condition. A used set is valued at $27.

In-depth analyzes were provided for two South American countries: Uruguay with nearly 3,000 value changes and Venezuela with around 2,700 changes. For both countries, modern issues have seen a number of increases in value. Block of four 2004 Uruguay Lighthouses stamps (Scott 2061) reduced from $5.50 to $6.50 in unused condition. Venezuela sheet of 10 Christmas stamps 2001 (1625) reduced to $32.50 from $24 in unused condition.

Nearly 700 value changes have been made to the Vatican City stamps, which have undergone a complete overhaul. Editorial notes have been updated where appropriate with additional notes added as necessary.

Many other countries have received notices which are not mentioned in this letter.

We encourage you to pay close attention to the list of additions, deletions and changes to issues in this volume. We also suggest that you read the introduction to the catalog in Vol. 6A, which includes an abundance of useful information.

Finally, the new Scott SID stamp shownformerly included as an illustrated identifier in each volume of the Scott Standard Catalog, is now a separate publication.

The 6 inch by 9 inch softcover booklet will make it easy to identify stamps when viewing Scott catalog listings without having to go back and forth.

To purchase Scott’s 2022 catalogs, call Amos Media at 800-572-6885 or visit online.

Scott 2022 e-catalogs are also available online.

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