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What’s new for Volume 6 of the Scott Standard Catalog 2023?

From Scott’s Writing by Jay Bigalke

Another catalog season is upon us as we continue the journey of the 154 year history of Scott Catalogs. The 2023 volumes are the 179th edition of the Scott Catalog of standard postage stamps.

Volume 6A includes listings for countries around the world from San (San Marino) to Tete. Lists for Thai (Thailand) through the Z countries of the world can be found in Flight. 6B.

Flight. The cover of Catalog 6A features the 1987 San Marino 500 Lira Sculpture Berti stamp (Scott 1130) from a set of 10 stamps featuring sculptures from the Open Air Museum, and Vol. Cover 6B depicts the 1989 Vanuatu 45-vatu Douglas DC-3 (Scott 502) stamp from a set of four airplane stamps issued to celebrate the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific.

Scott Catalog Editors have worked tirelessly to keep up to date with new releases as best we can in response to the global transportation issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

San Marino has been carefully considered. The more than 1,500 value changes, a mix of increases and decreases, were split fairly evenly between classical and modern time periods. Overprinted stamps seem to be popular in general, and a few 1956 copies (Scott 373 and 374) showed slight increases. Each of these stamps went from $4.25 in unused condition to $5.25.

The Tonga stamps received a watchful eye from Scott Publishers, who made about 1,300 value changes, many of which were slight decreases. However, a few of the airmail problems have increased. The 1972 Watch airmail stamp pair (Scott C117-C118) went from $2.60 in unused and used condition last year to $6 each way in the 2023 catalog.

The values ​​of stamps in the island nation of Tuvalu have also been carefully reviewed and around 1,800 value changes have been made. A number of changes were decreases. Some decent increases have been made to some post-2000 stamp issues. An example was the Seabirds 2019 issue of a four-sheet (Scott 1456) and a $7 sheet (1457) which went from $13.50 and $9.50 in unused condition and used, respectively, at $16 and $11.50.

About 800 value changes, an equal mix of increases and decreases, have been made for the southern African nation of Zambia. Among the increases were the 2006 Scouting Four Centenarians Sheetlet (Scott 1087) and Sheet One (1088) which went from $6.50 unused and $3.25 used to $9 and $6.75 , respectively. A few issues from 2004 that previously had dashes for values ​​(due to insufficient market data) now have values ​​assigned.

Many other countries have received notices which are not mentioned here.

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