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You Can Now Stream Jim O’Rourke’s Drag City Catalog on Apple Music

Well, now you can. On Instagram today, Drag City announced that O’Rourke’s full catalog for the label is now available on Apple Music (!). As they explain:

OK, we posted Jim O’Rourke’s Bad Timing on Apple Music – so you went there and heard it and wondered why you hadn’t heard all the other Jim O’Rourke Drag City records on Apple Music. We heard you! And according to the bags of cards and letters lying around DC’s mailroom (not a real mailroom, more like a mislabeled file folder on a PC whose password we no longer have), whatever you want is all: Eureka, Insignificance, Halfway to a Threeway, The Visitor and Simple Songs – the whole fucking harvest! So why the fuck not? We’ve uploaded five more priceless (so to speak) items from our catalog of one of the greatest artists of our time, all for the enjoyment of those with phones. ENDED. But from now on, we ask that you refer to Apple Music as the Jim O’Rourke streaming service “subject to change.”

Listen to Jim’s catalog, now streaming on the Jim O’Rourke Streaming Service! Biography of Lincoln.

Here is! The fingerstyle opus bad timing? The epic of chamber pop Eureka? The Classic Rock Masterpiece Insignificance? You can stream them all on Apple. It’s true! It’s true! Even though some of these records still don’t show up for me on O’Rourke’s artist page, I was able to search Insignificance and I’m streaming it right now. You should do the same.